Redakteur, Autor auf StarTech

Redakteur, Autor auf StarTech

Your INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATION – “local added value” from StarTech

We offer attractive all-net flat rates for your Europe-wide business contacts that you can use for communication in over 30 countries without “unpleasant surprises when the bill arrives.” For instance, use 10 GB of data volume in Germany and 1 GB abroad for phoning, surfing the web, texts etc. Ask for our expert advice – without obligation. Instead of “unpleasant surprises! – the ALL-NET-FLAT rate for Europe People are increasingly using smartphones like mobile offices – apart from phoning, they also use them to access company data, surf the web etc. Your employees use this technology almost “as a matter of course” – even when travelling abroad. That can become expensive! “Unlimited” service – we’ll let you access all networks AFFORDABLY! Avoid hassle and save money. Let us show you how we can optimise all your mobile communication within Europe – at a monthly flat rate! Take advantage of our independent advice.

Now in STUTTGART – 3 data centres for your servers!

More and more companies are outsourcing their servers! Take advantage of the benefits of an optimum and secure infrastructure to operate your hardware. Protect your IT system from external influences, such as fire, water and power failure. Available to you now at 3 sites in Stuttgart. “Colocation” – Security (Tier 3) and ultimate performance. With almost 50% START-UP OFFER* Make use of the optimum housing infrastructure at three sites in Stuttgart. Benefit from access, excellent security and 99.98% availability 24 hours a day/365 days a year. StarTech will help you to achieve greater “security and flexibility” with minimal investment. Not just in terms of “backups”… Typically Swabian: Security at an ATTRACTIVE PRICE* Benefit now from short lead times for new connections, as well as an attractive start-up offer and the fail-safe and scalable infrastructure of these high-security data centres.

TIME AND COST BENEFITS. For mobiles and tablets etc.

Do the same as many other successful medium-sized companies: save time, effort and thus also costs by outsourcing the management of your mobile phone contracts. The cost benefits will impress you from as few as 50 SIM cards. Our telecommunications audit also lets us optimise existing contracts. “Your one-stop destination” – service to inspire you! Success story: BRAMMER, one of Europe’s leading technical retailers, has used its own resources more sensibly with the help of our mobile phone management! Less work. Better overview. “Mobile phone MANAGEMENT” service package. Are you using umpteen smartphones and tablets etc. in your company? Do you have to deal with “lost devices” and organise “forgotten PUGs/PINs”? Do you monitor the accrued charges month by month to optimise tariffs? We can “manage” your entire mobile phone issue – TRANSPARENCY that works! We will organise the entire management of your mobile phones, regardless of the provider. We will check monthly invoices on your behalf, analyse employees’ phone use, manage user access permissions and more – more cost-effective than you might think.

LTE as standard – always 100 Mbit. BREATHTAKINGLY FAST.

Smart people are catching on! A new level of performance is starting in mobile phones: with LTE 100 Mbit as standard! The era in which data arrived at your smartphone in dribs and drabs is now a thing of the past. LTE now permits high-speed download and upload speeds. Now you can also quickly access internal structures, like CRM or VPN data, even externally, which makes work faster, saves time and thus also money. You can also quickly access the internet and call up full HD-resolution videos in an instant. The transmission rates remain in the green zone. FIND OUT MORE NOW. Improved speed, time, and cost advantages with mobiles and tablets etc. <LTE — that means: the mobile internet is becoming really fast now! Allow us to explain what “LTE”, the technology and “Long Term Evolution” networks are. We can show you what is now available in terms of data transfer speed – check your existing contracts and put together a tariff offer to impress you!

StarTech will provide you with “your own data line” to international cities.

Business communication is becoming increasingly sensitive – at the same time the volume of data and the demands on security and speed are also rising. StarTech offers you extremely low-delay access to the key business centres and metropolitan areas, such as London, New York, Tokyo, Singapore, Melbourne, Frankfurt, Chicago, Paris and Zurich. How and where do you do business? How many carriers are “switched” in between? As a result, how high are your latency packet transmission times? What are the risks associated with this? Through us take advantage of ten thousand kilometres of fibre optic networks in over 13 countries, with our own city networks and own data centres! In Europe, the USA and Asia.

Typical HYBRID NETWORKS: Security and speed plus REAL-TIME BEHAVIOUR.

The demands on data communication are increasing all the time. More and more companies are obtaining their IT resources from data centres or have to network sites with the company’s headquarters. In both cases, a secure and fast connection is essential in “real time”. Allow us to advise you on the technology and options offered by MPLS / Ethernet hybrid networks that transmit in milliseconds! First-class references – You can rely on StarTech. We would be happy to present a number of case studies to you in detail, including: A reputable automotive supplier with several sites / A renowned engineering office with a presence in different cities / A leading provider of standard software with a number of branch offices.

We connect people. Directly and in person.

StarTechyour one-stop destination for made-to-measure solutions for phone communication, data services and broadband internet. We work with the leading providers on the market to provide you with the best from the world of telecommunications. At all times you have the choice between operating the solutions yourself and our flexible, cost-effective managed services. We also offer Customer Servicethat really deserves the name. You won’t just land in the queue of an anonymous hotline, instead you’ll have a direct line to your personal contact. He will design the optimum communication solution for your company from the wide range of available products – and remain the adviser you can trust. Comprehensive service guaranteed.

The reliable 1:1 CONNECTION to your different sites


Save yourself the bother of tedious and even insecure VPN connections. Don’t let yourself be halted in your tracks by capacity bottlenecks or routers. StarTech offers you a solution that you can use to call factories and subsidiaries etc. very easily using a COMPANY SWITCH already fitted. 100% DIRECTLY: Affordably and without security gaps Customers’ comparative bills are clear proof. Concrete savings of around €200.00 are possible depending on the distance within a range of 2.5 Mbit/s to 5 Mbit/s. No router costs! Plus added security. Why WASTE MONEY when there are ALTERNATIVES? Take advantage of our expertise and our access to beneficial services. Meet us to discuss and assess your specific needs and provide a tailor-made offer with no obligation on your part.