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SD-WAN - StarTech

Most companies have problems with their WAN (Wide Area Network) and are unhappy with it. Do you know that feeling? We think the WAN should become your best friend.

Many companies denounce that WAN requires a lot of customization and setup. Any change to the router or the bandwidth requires patience, also because the customer has to rely for the most part on the carrier. As a result of that, WAN is also expensive to operate.

SD-WAN – Gaining more competitive advantages with the existing internet access

We have the solution for you! It is called SD-WAN which means Software Defined WAN. With SD-WAN, you can meet your broadband volume needs with more affordable broadband connections and dedicated data lines.

SD WAN works as follows: Smart, efficient SD-WAN platforms allow you to control your own data. More specific one can specify what information should stay in the private network and what information can be transferred via the public internet. It acts like a hybrid network. In other words, for high priority data, MPLS capacity can be created and bandwidth can be increased on a site-by-site basis. Less important data is being moved to a secure internet tunnel (IPsec).

The user can carry out configurations himself. This positively influences the lead time as well as the coordination of the different network providers.

We at StarTech offer you an SD-WAN that is globally accessible. We also provide you with various options on how your company can conceive, implement and operate the WAN. Plus, connecting and managing branch offices with our SD-WAN is easy.

What are your waiting for? Switch to SD-WAN!

In summary, SD-WAN offers the following benefits for you:

  • It supports VPNs (also from tool-, web gateway-, firewalls or cloud-providers).
  • It supports LTE, MPLS, internet, ethernet, radio relay systems.
  • The enterprise WAN is easy to manage thanks to the universal interface. Thereby, a connection of branch offices is easy.
  • Load sharing is possible between the WAN connections.
  • It is fail-safe, since every network (internet or MPLS) serves as a backup in the event of a failure.
  • The existing internet access can be used, ensuring fast deployment.
  • Because only critical data is routed through expensive MPLS paths and unimportant data through public internet, it’s also cost-effective.

Ask now for your individual offer, we are happy to advise you!