Smart service numbers - StarTech

Smart service numbers - StarTech

Service numbers. The sign of a customer-friendly company.

Customer contact by phone is of the utmost importance when it comes to customer satisfaction: excellent availability and the very best service quality are essential. Service numbers with 0800, 0900 or 0180 codes with smart control and evaluation options meet these requirements.

More callers, stronger customer loyalty, smarter routing options. Our smart service numbers offer all this and more.

Always properly connected. Thanks to smart routing.

Optimise your customer service and improve your phone availability with smart service numbers: The numbers are location-independent and can be smartly configured and analysed to meet your needs. Except when time-dependent, a conversation can also be routed to its point of origin, for example to a specific federal state. In the same way, service numbers permit a set maximum number of conversations to be allowed through, which ensures that the network is not overloaded or possibly blocked.

Customer dialogue. Active and personal.

We offer you convenient solutions for service numbers and can support you in having efficient dialogues with customers using our knowledge and our solutions. Get in touch with us! We can offer you service numbers on extremely attractive terms.