Cloud telephone system - StarTech

Cloud telephone system - StarTech

Gain a significant competitive edge for yourself in communication with our customisable cloud phone system (vTC = Virtual Telecommunications). Individually configure your workplaces, link existing databases, phone books and customer data – and intelligently connect more sites to each other.

Efficiently provide the best connections for your communication with managed virtual telecommunications systems. Remain flexible and up-to-date with your phone system and opt for a future-proof communication solution.

Whether home office solutions, branch companies, with the procurement of a new phone system, the outsourcing of maintenance and service or in search for a flexible and attractive pricing model for your telephone system: our managed virtual telecommunications systems offer the solution in all these cases.

Phoning in the cloud

Our telecommunications platform adapts precisely to your needs and grows with your company. For your company, that equates to no high-maintenance phone system on site and no compromises. The benefits: you conserve resources and remain flexible. Combined Unified Communication applications and ACD solutions are also possible with ease..

Virtual telecommunications systems: remain flexible and save costs

he costs are flexibly adapted to the requirements of your company, thanks to the flexible and modular design of over 240 communication functions. You have the choice whether you want a traditional IP phone, softphones on your PC or a combination of both.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Flexible terms (1 to 60 months/purchase or lease)
  • Individual workplaces, thanks to functional modules
  • Maintenance and management by StarTech
  • Gradual migration to a future-proof communication solution
  • Global use ensures outstanding flexibility and productivity
  • Central updates: always state-of-the-art
  • Outstanding availability

Virtual telecommunications security is a core element
Our virtual telecommunications solutions are provided as cloud services through German data centres, which are certified to the most exacting ISO standards 27001 and 9001. All systems have dual redundancy and backup. In the event of the failure of a single virtual telecommunication unit, another unit immediately takes over within the data centre. Should the unlikely event occur, that the entire data centre cannot be accessed, traffic is automatically diverted to another data centre within Germany. The benefit: Continuous availability and secured by firewalls from unauthorised access.

Don`t hesitate to contact us! Your personal StarTech consultant is available for a one-to-one conversation and to provide you with a bespoke quotation.