Internet Services - StarTech

Internet Services - StarTech

Your internet connection. Worldwide. Secure.

Regardless of whether your data is hosted in the cloud or locally. We appreciate how critical your data connection is for your company. Internet access has become as important as the supply of electricity and water. As experienced network experts we will develop a bespoke internet connection, specifically targeted to the needs ofbusiness customers.

StarTech provides you with worldwide unlimited internet access with high bandwidths and many different access options. We also provide fibre optic and broadband services throughout Germany.

We connect your company. With knowledge, expertise and experience.

We provide the entire range of business internet connections, from ADSL– via fibre optics to SDSL and VDSL cables, delivering transmission speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second. An SDSL line is often used as a pure internet connection for smaller and medium-sized companies or as backup for an existing line. We ensure that you are always online, your business processes run seamlessly, your e-mails can be reliably sent and received and you can work unrestrictedly with web applications. Our product range also includes connection to a ring cable with fibre optic connection – the optimum solution for a flexible network offering convenience, security and performance.

End-to-end protection with IP Guardian

Our IP Guardian also protects your IT infrastructure from Dos and DDos attacks. In many cases, the entire data traffic for the affected address range is deleted and the network quality impaired following DDos attacks. Our DDoS protection eliminates these risks and provides effective protection from threats and data loss.

One-stop advice and service

We would be happy to help and advise you without obligation whether this is the right solution for your company. We can help:

  • To set up and expand your company’s own communication network
  • With the secure connection of branch offices, sites or business partners


You only have one contact – us – for advice, booking services, billing, and customer service: StarTech.