Voice over IP - StarTech

Voice over IP - StarTech

Future-proof communication. On the internet.

Don’t just use the internet for e-mails and surfing the web. Use it for phone calls too. The internet can save you money and offer new flexibility. Take advantage of state-of-the-art connection technology. Enter the innovative world of IP communication with StarTech.

Build up your phone connections using the IP protocol. Quickly and easily. You determine the number of voice channels. To meet your specific individual needs.

Phone from the cloud. Systematically.

A virtual voice connection that can handle extensions offers you maximum flexibility – to fit your phone system. A virtual phone system lets you be flexible in the use of personnel or sites and minimises phone costs. When your company grows, the virtual phone system grows with you!

Opt today for a cloud-based phone system and benefit from its advantages:

  • Individually configurable phone solution made up of different modules
  • Cost-savings through the use of conventional ISDN connections
  • Adapt the number of voice channels to meet demand
  • Voice transmission along a data line with typical ISDN quality

SIP trunking. For phone systems of all sizes.

Essentially the SIP Trunk virtual voice connection, capable of handling extensions, operates with any SIP-compatible and correspondingly certified phone system. Communications systems, which are not yet SIP-compatible, can almost always be connected to the internet via what is known as a media gateway.

We’d be happy to advise you on Voice over IP and virtual phone systems. Together we’ll establish which is the best solution to meet your needs. Get in touch straight away!