Cloud Services - StarTech

Cloud Services - StarTech

Reliably secure in the cloud.

Are your company’s own IT systems demanding too much management and maintenance? Then simply avoid them. By outsourcing your IT servers, firewalls and storage infrastructures to an environment managed around the clock. Take advantage of our support expertise at the same time as making savings.

We offer first-class cloud applications and services through our reputable partners. Your data is secure with us. Safe and secure in Germany.

The latest technologies. Without expensive maintenance.

Whether backup, software or network – our cloud services provide clients with a scalable and flexible IT infrastructure. You decide whether you only want a single virtual server or wish to have your entire IT environment virtually hosted. Our service enables you to coordinate your resources and adapt them to your changing business needs. You have control – at all times.

Our services:

  • Fully managed environment
  • Option to continue running existing company applications without the need for changes
  • Self-service monitoring and control
  • A wealth of redundancy and backup options
  • Dedicated or shared servers and storage systems
  • Support for existing application software licenses

Make more out of the cloud. With us.

The cloud is not the future – it’s the present. A customisable cloud provides you with scalability and flexibility on demand, as well as direct control of the details of your infrastructure. Combine the functionalities you need – together with us. We’ll find the cloud you need.

Don’t hesitate to contact us! Your personal StarTech consultant is available for a one-to-one conversation and to provide you with a bespoke quotation.